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THANK YOU for participating in what promises to be a phenomenal


in beautiful San Miguel de Allende - named the #1 city in the world!

We're THRILLED to have you with us!

The info below should answer most of your Qs about the festival.

Let us know if there's anything else you need to know. 


in what promises to be a FABULOUS inaugural



We're here for you and value and appreciate your artistry and talent!

A bit of demographics/info about our audience: 

San Miguel attracts thousands of English-speaking world travelers with an appreciation for theatre, music and culture. There are many residents and visitors who tend to be of retirement age (though of course, not all) who are educated, well-read and support the arts and all different types of entertainment and cultural events.


In general, audiences in San Miguel are very generous, kind and engaged, and we anticipate that they'll be very excited to attend your show! 



Show dates are:  Week 1 - March 14, 15, 16, 2024  and Week 2 - March 21, 22, 23, 2024 (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays.)

You will have two performances during ONE of those weeks.  First show is at 5 PM, the second at 7:30 PM (on two different dates.)

Each week there will be an artists' Q and A panel, and you are welcome to offer a master class (up to 90 minutes) during your week, when you're not rehearsing. They can be about anything you love related to the artistry of solo theatre. Keep in mind, for higher attendance, they should be geared towards a general audience, not necessarily for actors, although we have plenty here as well. Max of 12-15 participants.


You will have up to 5 hours of tech rehearsal on the previous Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. So, plan to be here the entire week, from Sunday to Sunday. You can of course stay longer, but housing will be up to you for your second week. (On Saturdays there's an organic farmer's market that's highly attended. Great opportunity to promote your show, in case you want to arrive on a Friday...)

Keep things simple if you can. The Teatro Santa Ana has a newly renovated LED Lighting Grid and sound system. Because there are several shows, the lights will be pre-set and can't be moved. They will cover all areas of the stage to give you flexibility. Though you can absolutely work with several looks, colors, etc.

Projections: There is a large screen upstage. If possible, minimize the use of projections, but if your show needs them, we'll accommodate.

Pre-show Music: If you have something specific you'd like to be played as audience enters, related to your show (period music, etc.) please provide that for up to 30 minutes on a USB.

You'll have a lighting/sound tech and if your show needs it, a projection tech as well. Also, a bilingual stage manager to help you during rehearsals. You cannot go over the allotted 5 hours, so please plan ahead and be as efficient as possible. If your show requires set, some of that time will be used to load in the set pieces.  

To Q-LAB or not? 

Currently the theatre doesn't use Q-LAB We're looking into it, and will do our best to sue it. If you have your Sound/projections on Qlab, please provide that file by January 30, 2024, along with your Tech Script as specified in your letter of agreement. Also, please be prepared to have your Sound and Projection cues, in sequence, in a USB as back up  (and a backup to your backup).


Please try to keep your set to a minimum. We'll do our best to provide the basics, such as: a small round table and two chairs, a desk, a bench, etc. If you require a specific style or specific items, let us know ASAP. You may need to purchase or rent some hard-to-find items, and we can don our best to help you. 

If you require specific props (period pieces or a specific type of item) plan to bring them with you.  We can chat after you provide your list.

NEED: We'll need photos of previous sets you've used to get a sense of it,  and try to approximate. 


We're doing our best to provide housing for you at a local resident's home. It will likely be a bedroom in their home, with a private bath. Perhaps, someone's casita or condo. If you'd rather stay at your own Airbnb, you're welcome to.  Just let us know in advance. Also, let us know if you're bringing a traveling companion. 


The theatre venue is called: Teatro Santa Ana. It's a beautiful, newly renovated theatre with great acoustics; it seats 91. It's a proscenium stage with a gorgeous red curtain. Stage is approximately 24 x 18 feet, painted black. Large screen upstage for projection.  It has a fabulous new LED lighting grid, and great sound system. (Tech needs can be discussed later, if your show is selected.)

Screen Shot 2023-06-14 at


You're welcome to offer a Master Class in an area that may be related to your show: mime, comedy, dialects, etc.  Keep in mind, this will be marketed mostly to non-actors, general audience. Why would they want to take your workshop? How could they use what they learn in their lives? What benefits might there be?

Come up with a cool name, brief description, duration, price ($35 usd) you can have between 12-15 participants. We'll figure out the best time to have it. 

It'll happen in our Studio. Our rental fee is $25 per hour. It has a bathroom, kitchen, tables, chairs, hot tea, water, etc. 




We're doing everything possible to underwrite ALL costs for artists incurred for production (tech rehearsals staff, rental of space, basic set/props, etc) and PR. (Ads in local publication, posters, everyone gets 100 postcards.) You'll provide all graphics, blurbs, etc. about your show.)


  • Tickets will sell for $450 pesos for single shows (around $25 USD). There will also be a Double-Date ticket to see two shows in one day for $800 p. ($400 p. each - $22 USD) per show.  On average, a sold-out show  (of 85 seats, due to various comps we have to offer) will generate around $1900. You will retain 40% of ticket sales ($760 USD) paid no more than 30 days after the festival ends, minus some minimal ticket admin fees. Since you're doing two shows, sold-out houses (which we are anticipating) could bring jus over $1500. Hopefully this should cover your travel costs and have some extra money to enjoy a fabulous time in one of the most artistically vibrant cities in the world!

Please note: Tickets are sold in pesos. Your final amount will be converted from pesos to USD at the current conversion rate. 


  • (This paragraph was changed on Dec 7, 2023, based on current info)  As of today, we're doing well with sponsorships, still a little ways to go. In the highly unlikely event that we don't get everything underwritten, we will do our best to keep shared costs between all participating artists to no more than $300 USD per artist. This covers the tech crew for rehearsal, part of the PR/printing efforts and 100 postcards you can pass out while you're here. We'd like to ask for a U.S. check, in advance, to be held for this purpose, and not cashed unless needed. Please make check to Out of The Blue Productions, and mail along with your signed Agreement, to:

Eli Hans

220 N. Zapata Hwy #11

PMB 107A

Laredo, TX 78043

  • PLEASE NOTE: Though theatrical events tend to be very well attended in San Miguel (especially since this is a new concept and there aren't a lot of other theatrical events at the moment) we cannot guarantee sold-out performances. A lot will have to do the state of the world in March, the nature of your show, PR blurbs and getting the word out. We encourage you to use social media and your own promotion efforts in advance.

  • You are responsible for your flight, ground transportation, meals and any special needs (specialty props and set pieces, etc.)


If you only have one week available, we recommend you travel from Sunday to Sunday (previous Sunday, ahead of tech rehearsal, through Sunday after the last show). If you have more time, you may want to arrive on Friday, take a couple days to get acclimated to the altitude (6500 ft above sea level), promote your show at the Saturday Farmer's Market, etc.


If you want to do that, LET US KNOW so we can see if your HOST can accommodate you. If not, you'll need to stay in your own Airbnb/hotel and then move on Sunday to your host's home. 

Please make sure you and your travel companion have a VALID PASSPORT, for the duration of your stay (helps if it has at least three months remaining after the end of the trip.)

Best airports to fly into: BJX (Leon, Guanajuato) QRO (Queretaro). Both of these are about 1 hour and 30 minutes from San Miguel by auto/shuttle.  You could also fly into MEX (Mexico City) but that's 4 hours away.

Land transportation:  We recommend you book your shared shuttle through Super professional. It's about $30 per person each way. ($100 from MEX)  Not necessary to rent a car. 

We encourage you to get either a flexible rate or travel insurance, just in case (we PRAY nothing happens 'cause we want you here, safe and sound and healthy!)


We're going to do everything possible to promote the festival, on the website, posters, postcards, on various online event platforms, social media, etc. In order to do that, we need some materials from you. (And anything YOU can do to promote on your social network would be GREAT!)

Visit the website to get a sense of what we're creating. It is still in process and we need some of your amterials to finish it. 

A BLURB of you show: Please visit your pages on the site starting with the Line-up.

Click on your show's image and check the blurb we already wrote (or pulled from your own website.) Feel free to edit, rewrite and send back (no more than 100 words for this section.)

Then check the Full Page description of your show. We need:


  • The same or perhaps a slightly more detailed BLURB about your show (up to 150-200 words max)

  • 3-5 Pull Quotes from reviews (keep them short; we may need to edit.)

  • A trailer link from You Tube if you have it (no more than 2 minutes.) Note: If you have an older one, please make sure you edit out older theater info, and update with SMA Solo Fest images, dates, etc. 

  • If you've won awards, or received nominations, send images of the Laurels or Award.

  • Your HEADSHOT and BIO (the website page can have a bit more info. The program only 75 words, so give us both BIO's, please. Or we may edit out something important.)

A graphic image of your show: PHOTO AND TITLE ONLY. (Nothing else, please). We already created something for you or pulled from your site. If you like it, we can go with it. If you'd rather have something different, please provide. Must be horizontal, size 14 cm wide, x 10 cm high, 300 dpi for the program, poster and website. 


Your Show's Running time (as close as possible, please.)


Tech Rider - Specifics of what you absolutely need, and what would be great to have. Keep in mind we're trying to keep things as simple as possible, yet also beautiful and theatrical. We'll do our best to help by finding some set pieces, but can't guarantee it. If you need something specific, we may need to rent or buy it, and you'd be responsible to cover the cost.

Costumes and props: Bring all specific, hard to find things with you. Specify what else you need ASAP so we can help you find them. 

Photos of your set - If you've already done your show in various stages with different sets, please share some photos if you haven't already, and let us know what's absolutely necessary.

Tech script in advance: Color coded if you can. LIGHTING CUES (YELLOW), SOUND CUES (CYAN), PROJECTIONS (GREEN)   If you already have it in other colors, it's OK. This is our standard.

A USB DRIVE and BACK-UP: with all of your audio and projection files IN SEQUENCE! 

Please note: this theatre currently doesn't use QLAB. We're looking into it.

MASTER CLASS INFO: If you're choosing to offer one... Name of class. Brief description. Duration. Price. How many people would be ideal? What would participants need to bring with them? 

THANK YOU! That's it for now. We're very EXCITED to include you. 

If you have any Qs, you can send us an email HERE.

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