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Thursday, March 21 - 5:00 PM & Saturday, March 23 - 7:30 PM
Written and performed by Warren Epstein

Originally directed by Jim Jackson

Re-conceived and Directed by Eli Hans

Show duration: 75 minutes

All Ticket info right here

This is a charming, very funny, heart-warming show that will entertain and delight you.


Warren Epstein channels Rodney Dangerfield, George Burns, Woody Allen, Joan Rivers and other humor pioneers as he recreates his childhood memories of the Borscht Belt, a famous Catskill resort area, home of America's biggest Jewish comics.

Through the charming guidance of a fictional character, Jimmy Greco, Epstein weaves a heart-warming, tender and very funny story to reacquaint us with a bygone era that birthed some of America´s biggest names in comedy.

Producer´s Note: Warren brings tremendous presence, laughs and tender moments that will make you laugh and cry. Must see!



“A must-see, full of heart, love, and pathos, a tribute to a magical time and place that no longer exist." - Keith Simon, host of KCME FM’s “Culture Zone.”


“This show made me laugh louder and longer than anything I’ve seen.” Nori Rost, director at the New York Society for Ethical Culture.


“Highly recommended. Warren's show is a celebration of sly, self-deprecating rascals who all know their way around a joke. Old-fashioned standup, polished like a diamond.” - Stephen Michael O’Rear, arts editor.

“Brilliant. There’s a part waiting for him on ‘Mrs. Maisel.’ - Sean Patrick Anglum, musician and theater lover.

Enjoy the Trailer!

About Warren Epstein

Warren Epstein - Longtime actor, director and playwright, Warren is delighted to bring a heaping bowl of “Borscht” to San Miguel de Allende. Warren recently performed “Borscht Belted” at the New York Society for Ethical Culture in Manhattan and the Millibo Art Theatre in Colorado Springs. He wishes to thank not only the team of artists who helped him develop this tribute to his hometown in New York’s Catskill Mountains, particularly the insanely talented, generous and visionary director Eli Hans, but also  the comedians, busboys, and bellhops of the legendary resort area who inspired “Borscht Belted.”

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