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We're very grateful for all the folks behind the scenes to make this phenomenal solo theatre festival possible!


Eli Hans

Eli is an award-winning playwright and actor, a producer/director, and transformational theatre coach. 

After experiencing the transformative success of writing and presenting his mostly one-man show OUT OF THE BLUE, he realized, once again, how powerful theatre can be to share stories that inspire, enlighten, educate and entertain. 

He's truly delighted to present this series of outstanding solo theatre shows to the San Miguel community, hoping everyone loves it, and it will become an annual happening, giving solo theatre artists an opportunity to challenge themselves and express their passion on stage. 

JOSEPH 2.png

Joseph Bennett

The other half of this dynamic duo, co-producer of the Solo Theatre Festival and co-star in Out of the Blue, Joseph is co-founder of The Improv People, and also dedicates his time to writing self-healing books (five so far), co-hosting the popular podcast Are You Waiting for Permission? with Meridith Grundei, making assemblage art with found objects, and supporting his life-coaching and hypnotherapy clients to their highest potential.

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YaYa Silva Méndez
Production Manager

An enthusiastic cultural promoter, YaYa is involved in a variety of creative projects and activities, sometimes producing events, doing marketing for her Conejo Blanco brand, and more recently getting involved in the technical aspects of the theater, such as lighting and sound.


YaYa has worked on projects for the Festival Cervantino, the 10-Minutos Play Festival, Out of The Blue, and in many local San Miguel productions at different theater venues.

Other Members of the Production Team

Barbara & David Ziff 
Set & Props

Barbara and David Bios

Miguel Ramos
Lights & Audio

Miguel Bio

Gerardo Charreton
Audio and Projections 

Gerardo Bio

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